Meet Us

Welcome to our Rainbow team!

Working in Rainbow creates an amazing way of life and we have a lot of fun! Our business opportunity is unmatched and the envy of all other companies. Our referral program is one of a kind and our people make more incomes then several other businesses combined.........Why??                                                               

All because of our PRODUCT!!!

The Rainbow is simply amazing and because we offer an awesome world class product, we can offer a one of a kind opportunity!!

Our office offers opportunity all across Western Canada and we have helped thousands of people live a healthier lifestyle in a clean environment that only the Rainbow can offer! Additionally we have provided an amazing opportunity for so many of our customers!!

Our office has won many awards and has been one of the top offices of our size in North America many years in a row! We have earned an excellence in customer service award each year we've been in business!

Our team works hard to promote our product and our business opportunity. We have helped create many successful managers in several Provinces all over Western Canada!

Do you want to make more money??


   Do you want to work less hours??

 Do you want to travel the world several times per year??

 Do you want to live a better lifestyle??

    Well let's meet the team that can make all of this a reality!!

Jaylene Kosinski- Super Satellite Distributor

Camrose, Alberta

Our Camrose office is owned by Jaylene Kosinski. Jaylene is a true Rainbow success story because she didn't transfer over from another company, she's an in home recruit!! 10 years ago Jaylene was a busy stay at home mom who never even heard of Rainbow before. A friend of hers started selling them and showed Jaylene the demo and the rest is history!

Jaylene went from a dealer in Rainbow to building a team and working her way in the company up to Group Sales Director. From there she kept building and worked up to Area Sales Director!  2 years from the day she started, she opened up her first office as an Area Distributor.

Jaylene quickly went from an Area Distributor to a Satellite Distributor and has even hit higher qualifications since becoming a Satellite. Under her leadership our office has won the Crown Princess of the year award as the #1 Satellite office in North America! There is a huge trophy case of awards in her office that show off the hard work and dedication that Jaylene has put into her business and her team!

When it comes to work ethic and inspiration you will not find it stronger anywhere else. Jaylene is always approachable and is loved and admired by everyone that works with her. Her drive and determination spreads through her whole team. Jaylene has earned many trips all over the world with Rainbow. She has been to Ireland, Thailand, New York City, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Florida, Hawaii and so many more exiting destinations!

She comes from a small town of 800 people. She was a stay at home mom. She never sold anything in her life and she was super shy. Since taking a chance on the Rainbow business she has created financial freedom for her family and is living the Rainbow Dream! Now she stands on World Stages around the world and inspires others to go after their dreams!!!  Jaylene knows what it takes to make it in the Rainbow business so if your looking to succeed come spend some time with her and she will share with you what it takes for all your dreams to become a reality as well!

Dallas Ramey- Satellite Distributor

Calgary, Alberta

Dallas joined Rainbow in 2013 after Jaylene did an in home presentation on the Rainbow. Dallas has had Rainbow in his family for generations and grew up with the 80's model in his home. At the time Dallas worked as a certified heavy equipment trainer and was the Fire Chief in his home town. Dallas made no excuses about time when it came to Rainbow.

Dallas had never sold anything in his life and in the first 4 months he made $44,000 just selling the machine, all while working a full time job 50 hours a week, family life and of course his responsibilities to the Fire Department. Dallas scheduled Rainbow into his life and Rainbow changed his life forever.

Some of his greatest accomplishments has been making over $5,000 in 1 house by selling several machines. Also in February of 2015 where he entered Saskatoon Saskatchewan with 1 Rainbow and built a team.  By the end of that month they had 70 total sales! Dallas does not allow for excuses and his love for the Rainbow shines through in every demo or training class he holds. Dallas announced in October of 2017 that his next goal in Rainbow was to become an Area Distributor which came true! On February 1st 2018 Dallas opened a distributorship in Calgary, Alberta. May 2018 Dallas qualified for Satellite Distributor and since has opened up his brother as a Distributor in Kelowna, BC.

Melissa Cuncannon and Dan Cooney- Area Sales Directors

Kamloops, BC

Melissa has been with Rainbow for over 7 years and is one of the best recruiters in all of Rainbow! In 2017 Dan decided to go-all-in and these two are a powerhouse team with huge goals! Melissa has had a long list of accomplishments and is trusted and well loved by everyone on her team and within our leaders group. Melissa and Dan had been consistently been hitting 30 sales per month out of Jaylene's office and had big plans of opening their own office in Central Alberta. In 2019 they instead decided to move their family to Kamloops B.C to start their Rainbow Life! It wasn't long after they settled that they began building a strong team with a bright future! Their dedication to leadership and learning better ways to always help their team are sure signs of the successful future Melissa and Dan will have! They are set to open June 1, 2020.

Alicia and Brad Arial- Group Sales Directors

Lloydminster, Alberta

Alicia started Rainbow in late 2016 and started off very strong. Alicia's work ethic is contagious and in 2017 Brad decided to join the Rainbow business as well. Brad and Alicia do a lot of demos each month in the Lloyd area and will travel anywhere to show off the Rainbow and help their team! Alicia and Brad have huge goals to open their own office and are well on their way to achieving that goal! In 2019 they have been working to hit their numbers to qualify and are looking to open up April 1, 2020!

They have began to build a strong team of great people which is the key to success in Rainbow. Their continued dedication to learning and growing is sure to catapult them to great things!

Kyle and Michelle Ramey

Area Distributors - Kelowna, BC

Kyle was one of the first of his brother Dallas' customers and he has always loved what the Rainbow has done for his family. It did however take Kyle over 3 years to join the Rainbow business despite the success he saw his brother having. Kyle had a tragic circumstance spin his outlook on life right around and he realized that he wanted and needed to go down a different career path.

Kyle joined Rainbow and moved his family to Calgary to help open up the Office and had immediate success by winning back to back World Sales Star awards in the summer of 2018. In early 2019 Kyle and Michelle again packed up their family and Kyle left his success in Calgary behind to head to the Okanagan to open their office. For Michelle it was a return home and for Kyle a chance to live the lifestyle he always wanted. In 2019 they qualified for their office and opened January 2020.



            Jovanna Whitefish - Hahn

Group Sales Director - Camrose Alberta

 Jovanna has been in Rainbow for 7 years. She started her career at 18 years old. She is a mom and a wife and does Rainbow part time and makes a full time income. She gets to enjoy raising her daughter all while making her own schedule. Jovanna has grown up in the business and is the one person that if anyone can succeed it is her. She is the definition of perseverance. She is determined to hit her goals and learn all she can to become a better version of herself every day. She is a true leader with a huge heart to help others. She is the first person to step up and lend a helping hand to anyone in need. She is amazing at giving others opportunity and sharing her wealth of knowledge she has received through her years. Jovanna is dedicated and committed to her team and the office. She has one of the highest sales average in our organization and she will be happy to help you in your success.



Mike &Andrea Van Middelkoop

Calgary Training Manager

Calgary is blessed to have this dynamite duo. Mike joined Rainbow full time in May 2019. He left his career as a journeyman electrician of 9 years to pursue his career with Rainbow. Since he has been in Rainbow full time Mike has been on several trips and made paycheques that have more than surpassed his wage as an electrician and has his time back in his life. In January Andrea, his wife, left her job as an accountant to work along side Mike in the Rainbow business. They have a goal to open their own office this year.

Office Staff

Revival Organization

Dale Webb - IT & Promotion Manager

Camrose, Alberta

Andrea McLean - Office Manager

Bella Carriere - Office Manager Assistant

Calgary, Alberta

Alison Young - Office Administrator

Erik Webber - Marketing Representative

Darin Kay - Service Manager

Mentorship Program

Camrose, Alberta

Andy & Danielle Beaulieu

Natasha Morneau

Jordy Harberg

Larissa Lawson

Calgary, Alberta

Naomi Webber


Kayla Peters